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What are some disqualifications for a Top Secret clearance?
Recent marijuana usage (under 2/3 years, dual-citizenship/having a foreign passport, contact with foreign government representatives or foreign contacts where you can be influenced, excessive debt, current alcohol or drug abuse without counseling, lack of judgment, being susceptible to blackmail, mental health issues where a doctor is concerned about your ability to safeguard classified info, falsification/misrepresentations, involvement with terrorist or subversive organizations. The list is exhaustive. You can google adjudicative guidelines.
How hard to get security clearance?
You are not going to get any useful answers Gary E Gillam unless you prsome context. For example, the answer to your basic question in these different scenarios is wildly different:You are a 21-year old US citizen with a very clean background who has been hired by a defense contractor and put in for a US DOD Confidential clearance.You are a 47-year old US citizen who has traveled internationally extensively, worked overseas for a number of years, has many foreign friends and colleagues, has lived in 10 different place in recent years, has a poor credit rating with past bankruptcies, has multiple offenses on their criminal record, and wants to get a US DOD Secret clearance.You are a non-US citizen applying for an Intel Community Top Secret/SCI clearance.Person 1 can probably get a clearance easily.Person 2 is not likely to get any clearance.Person 3’s chances are slim to none.If you are asking generally how “hard” it is to get a clearance, then the answer is “it depends.” If you have a specific scenario that you can describe (in the comments section), you can probably get a much more useful answer.
How do I get an internship at Google?
Oh, there are a ton of ways. 1. Apply online and have a better resume than the supposedly 2,000,000 people who also applied.  ( Cracking Into Google: 15 Reasons Why More Than 2 Million People Apply Each Year ) ( edit: that 2M figure is most likely all job applications not just internships )2. Go to a school that Google recruits from ( your best bet is Stanford, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, ULA, MIT  The Schools Where Apple, Google, and Facebook Get Their Recruits ) 3. Go work at a company that Google hires a lot from. ( Google really likes Microsoft employees Charted: Where Google, Facebook, and Tesla like to poach from) 4. If your school has a Google Student Ambassador (GSA), apply for the program, get in, meet a recruiter, and ask for an interview. ( Google for Education: Student Ambassador Program ) 5. Go to hackathons Google attends, and impress the googler on site enough to get a recommendation.  ( Page on hackalist.org )6. Get an internal recommendation. ( A good trick here is to use Facebook graph search and query for "friends and friends of friends that work at Google". For the love of all things holy, please don't be a pest and just ask random people you don't know for recommendations ) 7. Have an awesome linkedin that gets you noticed. ( How to get noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn - Blog - Wysdom Consulting )  8. Have a friend that gets contacted by a google recruiter and ask them to recommend you when the recruiter asks if they know anyone that would be a good fit to interview with Google. BONUS : This one is my personal favorite.9.  Realize you go to a school that Google doesn't recruit from,  go to hackathons at other schools to try to meet a recruiter, realize your resume isn't good enough to grab their attention, build up your resume, realize you still can't get through the online filter, try to apply to be a GSA so you can meet a recruiter, find out you need a recommendation from a previous GSA, realize your school has never had a previous GSA, fly to pennsylvania to meet a GSA from another school ( shout out to Eden Shapiro), convince them to recommend you, get recommended and finally apply, become a GSA, fly out to the Googleplex for training, meet a recruiter, tell the recruiter you have a upcoming offer deadline at their favorite competitor, ask for an interview, have an interview two days later, get internship. It's as easy as that!
How should I plan my preparation for the GRE?
Whee! GRE is the one exam I had a lot of fun preparing for.One year is plenty of time, so you're good to do. How you should go about preparing for the GRE depends a lot on where you stand right now.The Quantitative Reasoning (Math) part of the exam is fairly easy for anyone with an engineering background, so that can be tackled by solving a few practice tests to ensure that your speed and accuracy is adequate. Aim at getting ALL questions correct.The Verbal Reasoning part of the exam is where most Indian students need plenty of preparation. It's important to understand here that the VR part doesn't intend to test just your vocabulary, per se. Rather, it intends to test your reasoning and analytical skills, and vocabulary is just tool. Through comprehension exercises and other questions, the aim is to see how well you can analyze arguments and draw conclusions from a given text.Vocabulary Try and gauge your vocabulary by attempting a few tests given in the Barrons GRE book. If you feel it's decent (you know at least 50% of the words), your job is rather easy. In my case, I could attempt about 65%. If you feel it's lacking, there is this red book (now it is white) called Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis that a lot of students seem to love. I have only read it occasionally, so I don't have a strong opinion about it, but its etymology approach is useful, especially if you've never seen language that way. It is good for vocabulary, but you'd better ignore its grammar advice.Try to at least complete the word lists given in Barrons. It's not exhaustive, but it's a fairly good collection. There are about 3500 words in there, and it will take you a fair amount of time if your vocabulary isn't great to begin with. Expect to spend about 3-4 hours per word list.Apart from this, you can check out online resources tooReasoningThis will come largely with practice. As you work on the vocabulary, keep solving practice tests and analyze how many of your errors were not because of vocabulary issues but because of logical / reasoning issues. These are the ones you need to work on. You'll get better with practice, and will also improve your vocabulary alongside. As I said earlier, the GRE is not a test of raw vocabulary. Instead of merely mugging up words, try to put them in context. Get a feel of how those words are used, where those words are used. Get a sense of whether a word is used in an approving sense or a disapproving sense. Try to appreciate the nuances between words that appear very similar in meaning but are still not interchangeable.This is what will help you more, both in life and in the examination.Closing NotesIf you prepare well and prepare properly, you'd come off with a much stronger vocabulary and reasoning ability. This is a useful asset in academia, as well as in everyday life.Students who start with relatively low vocabulary and then ramp up significantly during GRE preparation often suffer from what I call obnoxious-word-usage-syndrome, where an over-enthusiastic attempt to use the newly acquired vocabulary results in prose that is not only pathetic but that often makes little sense. This can be easily remedied if you spend time in understanding exactly how / where a particular word is used (as mentioned above)
How do I win back someone's trust after losing it?
First off, whoever’s trust you are trying to regain, has to be a willing participant, you cannot earn someone's trust back, if they have not given you the green light on this endeavor. However, if they have forgiven you and are prepared to give you another chance, you need to focus on being honest, practicing effective communication, and above all, patient. Never lie, even if it hurts the person. Put in extra effort to ensure your words and actions are clear, understood, and respectful. This means going beyond just doing what you perceive to be “acceptable” communication, but carefully observing and listening to how this other person receives your words and behaviors. This person is vulnerable, they have been burned by you, so for a considerable amount of time, you will need to be extra sensitive and aware of such exchanges. And of course, you have no choice but to be patient and expect some “relapse” periods where this individual may have doubts or fears. Time is of essence here. We all make mistakes, and if you have learned from this particular slight, then you should have no problem demonstrating that, and eventually gaining back their trust.
How hard is it to switch from DoD to the public sector to the public sector given security clearances?
A security clearance really exists for use in service to the US Government and civilian contractors working on behalf of the US Government. Outside of that its just another miscellaneous credential that would have no bearing on hire ability in the civilian world.As a hiring manager I might even pass on someone listing that type of credential as someone looking to move back into US Government work.
How difficult is it to obtain non-sensitive public trust security clearances? How long does it take in most cases?
When I started in my current job, we were looking at about three months for a non-sensitive clearance. Now it can be up to a year. The backlog for inter-agency name-checks is staggering. This, I’m told, is the primary reason for the backlog. https://www.washingtonpost.com/n...
How do I get a public trust clearance?
Individuals cannot just “apply” for clearances, you have to be “sponsored” by either a company or a government agency, which certifies that you have a need to be cleared for a specific position.So, in your case if you’re considering a job that requires it, one of two things needs to happen:you interview and get the position, then the company initiates your clearance for it.The company insists that you have to have the clearance already, which would in your case preclude you from getting the job.Luckily, a public trust level is the lowest level, the easiest and fastest to obtain, and you could probably get your interim in just a few days. “Interim” clearances are pre-clearances that let you begin a job that requires a clearance prior to the entire process being officially completed.
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