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How long does a U.S. federal job background investigation take for public trust level clearance?
…Do you mean“employment suitibility” SF-85 NACIa month to 19 years“employment suitibility with credit” SF-85 NACIA monthsix months minimum“Secret eligible without need to know” SF-86 ANACI“Secret eligible with need to know” SF-86 ANACI
How difficult is it to obtain non-sensitive public trust security clearances? How long does it take in most cases?
When I started in my current job, we were looking at about three months for a non-sensitive clearance. Now it can be up to a year. The backlog for inter-agency name-checks is staggering. This, I’m told, is the primary reason for the backlog.
How long does it take to build muscle enough for me to fill out my shirts and feel good about myself?
Muscles per se will not make you feel good about yourself. You decide you are worth something, then go to the gym and get buff to feel BETTER about how well you are treating yourself. A minor distinction, but important nonetheless.Muscle growth is determined mainly by three things: genetics, nutrition, and exercise. You can’t help your genetics—if everyone is your family is a rail-thin skinny person, well, you will have a difficult time overcoming that.Nutrition can be changed. Good quality, high protein diets, low in carbohydrates ail help build muscle fastest.Exercising will build you up—best to chat with a trainer at the gym to see what will be best for your body type.Good luck!
How do I reinstate a DoD, top secret/bi-security clearance for use in the civilian sector, or obtain a public trust security clearance?
a2a: I’m not sure I understand your question. A DoD clearance is for the specific purpose of accessing DoD specific information that’s deemed to be sensitive or critical to national security so as to require you to have a clearance to see it.If you’re in the civilian sector, not working on DoD stuff ‡ then you have no need for a DoD clearance. Now, if you’re working for a private firm but on contract to DoD ‡ then there’s no real difference in the clearance that you get or its need/use: its about the information you’ve been asked to work with, not the employer on your paychecks.Private sector companies may ask you to undergo a background check .. but i’m not really aware of a private sector non-government related “clearance” process to go through so that you can handle non military/non government information.Public trust is just a lower level clearance for government work ‡ but it can only be granted for the purposes of a job with the government that requires it. You can’t just “get a clearance” and stick it in your pocket for later, you have to be cleared for a specific job that requires it.
What don’t people do in zombie apocalypse movies that you would do?
Let me start with a simple question: Where do most survivors try to run to in a zombie apocalypse?The mall. Lots of stuff. Likely close by. Seems like a good option.A warehouse. The mall and other shops get their supplies form somewhere. Why not just go to the sourse. Likely better stocked than a single shop.Gun store. Guns are a good option for fighting zombies. Gun store is where you get them.A military base. Like a gun store, but with bigger guns.On a boat. Can zombies swim? and you can catch fish for food.The country. Thinking long term here. We want somewhere with few zombies to grow crops.Your own personal fort. Some people have been preparing for the big day for a few years.The mountains. If you haven’t been preparing for years, nature can pra fort for you.[needed this image to prevent spoilers]That is where everyone else goes. Being somewhat different, this is where I would go:The city.What??? But isn’t the city the last place you would want to live? Pretty much every zombie movie has the main characters trying to escape from the city. Not try to settle down in the city. Let’s go over some things:Why the city is scary:There are a lot of people in the city. That means lots of people who have turned into zombies.There are not many places where you can grow food.Cities don’t function very well without electricity or running water.Okay, so if the city is such a bad place why would I want to go there? I would go there because it is the safest place to be!!! Take a look at that picture of the city. What do you see? Because what I see is an endless number of forts. Every building is designed to be locked up. Every building is made from solid cement blocks with steel reinforcements.Walk into any apartment block and it will have 3 elevators that no longer work, and one stairwell. Block that stairwell and you have the rest of the building to yourself (once cleared of zombies). Go to the top floor and smash in a door, it will be hard work but you will gain access to that room. Once in you can tie together some bedsheets and abseil out the window and down to the next room. You now have access to two rooms, one with a broken front door, but one with the door able to be unlocked from the inside. Rinse and repeat for every room you want to explore.What about the down sides? like the hordes of zombies outside. Firstly, they are outside your fort. And that is where they are going to stay. Secondly, it really doesn’t matter if there are 1 million zombies outside or if there are 100 zombies outside. Once the zombie count gets past a certain threshold it is already a no-go zone, a few extra thousand zombies isn’t going to change that.What about clearing the apartment block of zombies? This is one of the best parts: Depending on when the zombie outbreak happens, the apartment block may be totally abandoned because everyone was at work/school. And if people who have turned into zombies are in their apartments, I can clear the building one room at a time! every apartment is separated from each other. How many people are we really expecting to be in the apartment, maybe 5 max? all of the zombies have been separated into small, manageable, groups. And since I am entering each room via the window, I have an opportunity to assess the situation before entering each apartment. I can even try to attract any zombies to the window before entering.What about food? in an apartment block there are people’s fridges. Tinned food has a shelf life of years, so I have that long to sort out my rooftop garden. Anything that goes moldy can be put into my new compost bin, and there is a chance I will find pot-plants. In short, so long as I keep raiding rooms I should keep finding more food.Water? Roof top collection is my long term plan. finding bottled water is the short term plan. There is probably a vending machine on the bottom level that I would have raided on the first days, that is an emergency supply.Other humans? Lot likely. No-one wants to live in a city, remember. Anyone who starts in the same building as me is likely going to team up with me out of necessity. Anyone who starts outside of my fort will have a sea of zombies to deal with first. There is the possibility of building bridges between buildings. Although this would slightly increase the threat of human invasion, it would also exponentially improve my exploring potential. So all in all, it would be a plus.Weapons? I’m sure I can find a blunt object somewhere.That about covers it. The city gives you plenty of options of fortifiable positions, with sufficient stored food to get you up and running, and a zombie free area to grow crops.
How long is a security clearance good for after that person leaves the federal government?
There are several incorrect responses below. Your clearance does not necessarily end and is not always terminated upon leaving employment, although your immediate access to confidential or classified information does indeed stop when you are no longer working, be that through resignation or retirement. Without a need to know, your clearance, even if still active, will not get you access to the materials unless it is part of your job duties in your post-government life, such as acting as a sub-contractor on behalf of a government agency. As someone said before me, it’s simply a line on your resume at that point, and it will eventually expire. That line on your resume, however, can be very important if you are looking for a contract job or new government job that requires a clearance, but only if it has not yet expired. Without it or after the expiration date, you are no better off than an applicant without a clearance.As noted in several responses, some agencies may request termination of your clearance upon resignation or retirement - ICE does, as one example. The day you retire, they request termination of said clearance, at least for their Special Agents. However, it is not a government requirement, and certain employees in agencies that require clearances will indeed allow some former employees to retain their clearance or a downgraded clearance (ie: Top Secret SCI downgraded to Top Secret without the SCI caveat) until the termination date “on paper”, despite not having access to any actual classified information any longer. Many of those former employees use agencies such as clearance jobs to find employment where that continued clearance is required and helpful in landing a post government job, or find companies that contract with the government and put people with current clearances at the head of the list. For example, a former investigator who retires will retain his or her clearance “on paper” until its termination date. If he or she applies a year later while unexpired to be, for instance, a contract background investigator with a corporation that contracts with the government, the clearance, as long as it has not expired, will still apply in their new job, but will need renewal as soon as the 5 year re-investigation is due.
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