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Are there tricks, drugs or ways to recover lost memories or to fill in the gaps or flesh out memories?
Yes. Hypnosis can be used for exactly this purpose. I would suggest you start with self-hyposis. The simplest form of this is auto-suggestion. You write down exactly what you want to achieve. And you put it in the present tense. So, “I clearly remember the time when …” and not “I will clearly remember the time when …”. Make sure that the statement you have written down is just the thing you want, and that this will satisfy you once this is the case. And write it down ‘nicely’! Meaning on a nice piece of paper, clearly and cleanly, no crossings out or corrections. Then you have it somewhere handy, like by your bed, and you look at it at least twice a day, morning and evening. What you are doing is priming your unconscious mind with this suggestion. It is important to relax as much as you can before you do this. Sit and let your mind go as quiet as you can, and then say this statement to yourself a few times. This is an affirmation. They usually work, but it may take time. It also helps if you can summon up the feeling of what it will be like when this objective is reached. Chances are that after a while you will find your statement being fulfilled. For further instruction on this kind of thing Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualisation is brilliant. The book on Silva mind control is also a well respected classic.
What can someone do to fill the void of drug use?
When I find out I’ll let you know. I’m coming upon a year, no opiate use. I still feel like I lost someone I love very much. It’s like a bad break up and I still love the person.I smoke pot, that’s my one big vice, and it is one of the best mood stabilizers I’ve ever used. I replaced lithium with thc, (bi polar type 1) and it works wonders. By nature I can be a very depressed person, but post drug use, that depression is capable of reaching much lower depths. It very hard to stay sober, some days I can’t think of a single good reason not to use, even my little boy who I quit for in the first place. I just think “I’m not going to be of any use as a father” because besides addiction, opiates regulated my mood. I was better able to cope, more patient and relaxed. Using didn’t make me a bad person, like many drug addicts the drugs improved things if anything, which is one of those dangerous truths that haunt some drug addicts.I’m in a good relationship, she stuck by me throughout my addiction and she’s still here. I had NO sex drive when I was using, we would go weeks maybe even months a few times without having sex. The desire is back, and we have sex a lot. We get kinda weird (I’ll spare the details) but its a healthy enjoyable thing for humans to do, it’s definitely intoxicating. We also have a strong relationship in other ways, we go on “dates” now a lot more. Sometimes we just jump in the car and drive for hours just to get some sushi from a really good hibachi place in Lexington, Ky. We go to horror movie conventions and I actually have money for autographs and merch now.I take care of my son full time, so I have a lot of work on my hands most days. He’s my only kid, just turned 1, and I love it, I love being a father. He’s the weirdest little dude. Having this little person to stay alive for helps more than anything.I also used Kratom as a heroin replacement after trying to use as replacement therapy, but found it harder to get off of than real heroin ( withdrawal can last up to a month) so I still take Kratom, and it’s enough for now. It really doesn’t do too much, but it calms my nerves enough that I don’t instantly think of going back to a needle when bad things happen.Sometimes it just sucks. I wish I never knew what opiates even felt like in the first place. When something difficult happens I can’t help but imagine how much easier it would be to deal with it if i had a shot. But being clean is one of the only things I can pat myself on the back for. Sometimes I just keep at it because I think I can’t, I KNEW I could never get this far. It’s a macho thing, I do think it makes me tough. It’s evidence for me that I am a good father. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m very proud of myself. I’m not ashamed to say so.
How do you encourage users to fill out their profile?
Depends on the site and context but here are some ideas:Progress bar (such as LinkedIn)Reward with credits, which might can be used for something Show stats: "By adding your profile picture, your exposure will increase by ___%.""All the cool people are doing it."Aaron Munter  / Aaron Munter - I can't reply to your comment since you were so hurt by my suggestion and decided to block. It's not lacking people skill. It's people who act like they know better than the other person. If you're gonna suggest a better way to "motivate" people, then you need to give examples. It is much easier to state comments such as, "give  intrinsic motivation" without giving specific reasons and examples.  If you're gonna act like a cognitive psychologist by using these terms, please consider what I stated. I hope my words didn't hurt you so much. Life gets much much harder :-)
What can you take to clean out of your system quickly (wiki)?
As a pharmacist ( granted, a retired one )…I believe I can give you the best, straight to the point answer you require. If you are trying to pass a UDS ( Urine Drug Screen ), and only a UDS, without popping positive for methamphetamine…there are actually two proven ways to do this. The first , Find a psychiatrist who will prescribe Adderall for your ADHD. While Adderall is not exactly ( it can be argued that it could qualify due to some of the short chain molecular properties ), it IS definitely an amphetamine. And, in UDS's…they look for the broken down metabolites of amphetamines. If you have a prescription for Adderall…you have a pass.Second , The trick to all UDS's, is that they all test by looking for…or reacting to ( just like a litmus test ) a certain amount of those metabolites in your Urine. And, of course, they want that test to react to as FEW as those metabolites as possible. We're talking down to several “ Parts per Billion “ !! So, how would one make their Urine contain as few metabolites ( parts per billion ) as possible…in essence making there Urine as clean as possible?? Simple…You flood your urinary tract with as much water as possible !! About an hour before your test, begin drinking from a gallon of water, one 8 ounce glass every seven minutes for around 30 minutes. ( At this time, you will begin to urinate quite often. Good !! That is the key !! You want your Urine to be flushed out of everything that was hanging out in your urinary tract !! ) For the last 20–25 minutes…drink constantly. Don't try to finish off the gallon quickly…because you'll stop urinating, and those metabolites will gather again. No…drink steadily and constantly, all the while urinating as often as possible.Now, if you are in Pain Management…this might not be the solution for you. For while you may show no metabolites…you will also show no metabolites of the medications the Dr. has prescribed you for pain !!This WILL work in any other situation. Good luck !! ( I would suggest not indulging for at least 24 hours before hand. Oh, and many labs and tests look for the ingredients in those herbal teas…i.e. Goldenseal )
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