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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing additional questions for moderate risk positions - branching

Instructions and Help about additional questions for moderate risk positions - branching

Hey everybody it's Annie with this week's tips to working life today we're going to tell me about yourself this one goes out for all those people on my test or working life subscription list and my youtube subscriber who have pelted me with emails and comments asking to please shoot this video well this one's for you we're going to have some fun with this today I've got three great techniques you can choose from you can pick whichever ones best suits you but before we get into those techniques I want to talk a little bit about this question why is so awful and give you some context around it so that you can you can prepare your responses now this question is terrible for a couple reasons the first one is related to the employer first off it's lazy it's ineffective and it doesn't care the guarantee the employer that they're actually going to get the information they need to make a good determination about whether or not you're good fit for the company great interviewers design well-thought-out questions that elicit specific information that allows them to make those determinations but the second thing the second terrible thing about this is even worse for you because it puts you in jeopardy of falling over one of the greatest tripwires in the job interview the number one reason why you do not get hired in fact I shot a video on the number one reason why you do not get hired I'm not going to keep you in suspense but that reason is your inability to map your fit and value and qualifications and skills to what the employer needs at the moment think about what's happening when you're in a job interview now you know you're fabulous I know you're fabulous the employer has even said you're fabulous by inviting you in for the interview they've also said the same thing to all the other candidates that are qualified that are interviewing but only one of you or maybe a couple of you are going to get hired so he or she who best match their skills and qualifications to what the employer needs is going to be the person that they hire so how do you know what it is that they need so let's get into those techniques the first one and my favorite one is to simply ask so I would rather if when they ask you please tell me about yourself my favorite response is hey mr. lazy interview man my background is lengthy and diverse is there any particular part of my background you'd like me to discuss so that you can make a determination about whether or not I'm a good fit for your company simply ask now I know there's a whole bunch of out there no no no I can't answer a question with a question that's just bad farm I was told never to do that that's.


How can you compose survey questions for teenagers to fill out? What are some helpful tips for doing so?
Try Google Surveys and go from there. Many young people try to gain money from published surveys like yours.Another good way is to ask the questions on Quora, You’ll get very detailed answers and a general idea of what you ask.Make the questions attractive and makes sure they aren’t eerie or too harsh/deep. No one wants a question that disputs their life decisions. The simpler the better, but not too simple otherwise there is nothing to think about and answers sre inacurate.These are the best and safestways to filter age and honest opinions.Cheers -Celestial Reap
How do I efficiently earn more on Quora Partner Program without having to fill out all the requests for every single question? I have around 100 questions.
A2AThanks for the question Aniket.Quora does not make the A2A process an easy one for QPs who want to use them ALL. Just to let you know, there IS a limited number of questions you can A2A per 24 hour period. I think it is around 75. Nevertheless, it takes about 2 hours just to use up all of those A2As if you were so inclined.I believe Quora would rather you focused on creating 10 questions a day than using up your A2As.Since the change in how Quora uses your questions recently, I believe this is a better use of your time, too. I’ve been in the program since September. I have not missed one day in using A2As like you are talking about. Before Quora changed policy on how they value questions, I had begun to see a surge in my daily payout. The change shut that right down. Now, the only way to earn is to self promote from outside (which you’d have to spend lots of money on) or ask a lot of search engine friendly questions, and I mean, A LOT.If you don’t want to click, click, click through A2As, I suggest you focus on the daily goal of 10 questions a day and let Quora do the promoting of the questions.
How do I hire a sales executive for an enterprise SaaS startup? What’s a good place to advertise the position? What are questions to ask during the interview? What are red flags to watch out for?
I have hired more than 100 sales people in 2021 and here after a few things I learnt while hiring this new generation of sales people who have technology & inside sales learning.Advertising position:Sales executive recruiting companies- They might charge a bit extra but it will be worth it. It takes too much time & effort to filter out bad applications.Linkedin for recruitment - It is a good channel but don’t expect too many applications from it.Referrals - Getting referrals of sales people through people outside company & also in your team is a good way to find quality sales people.Skills to look for:Convincing abilityGood listenerProactive & not reactiveAbility to followupRelevant experience in salesRelevant domain experience in terms of deal size, geography of clients & kind of customers sales person closed before.Questions to ask:What is the maximum number of times you ever followup a single client?What kind of objections you had to tackle during sales calls & meeting in previous job?How did you tackle these objections?What kind of targets have you achieved in your previous role & who were your customers?Red Flags:Non punctual candidatesCandidates who are not proactiveWho can’t convinceWho don’t followupI have shared a detailed list here in this blog below:All About Hiring Sales People
How should I select which circle to choose while filling out the application for the position of JTO at BSNL?
just follow the survey and keep viewing the responses after you fill order to choose the most appropriate circle in BSNL JTO, participate in survey and view the responseclick here. BSNL JTO
How much time does it take to get a yes/no answer for Canada Express Entry after filling out all the form & signing up? How many points are needed for a positive answer, i.e. how many points do the people that are getting accepted have on average?
The minimum that I know people got accepted is from 450 to 470 points.Usually when you fill up the information it tells you straight up if you are in the pool or not.By experience Canada’a express entry system is THE WORST THING EVER happened to the Canada’s immigration. It is literally a nightmare! The portal crashes, and sometimes only open between midnight and 3am. You literally need to be the luckiest person to have it work normally. What is worst about it: Is that the Canadian government keeps on saying they will fix issues, and in the same time calling it the best system ever, where it is the worst system I have ever seen. NO technical support whatsoever.Good luck in your application.My advice also, Canada is not as it advertises. It s quite hard out there, and people are racist (not to your face, but we a smile and in their mind, which is to the worst).I do not recommend Canada as a land for immigration, but I recommend Canada for studying. Schools there are pretty multicultural, and you do not feel the racism only when you go in the labour market or create your company.
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