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What are the top reasons for applicants being denied a security clearance hold tight and I'll tell you in a moment I'm Todd record and this is clearance jobs TV hopefully you've never received one of these a statement of reasons SOR from the defense office of hearings and appeals if you did then you were initially denied a security clearance on suitability or security issues out of approximately 1300 security clearance cases decided on by do H a during 2022 financial considerations was by far the most prevalent issue it appeared in over fifty percent of the cases the second was personal conduct which appeared in 38 percent of the cases this was mostly cited for the falsification of information foreign preference was third cited in 21 percent the majority of these were based on the possession of a foreign passport and dual citizenship criminal conduct ranked fourth but was slightly inflated by the subjective use of this issue to cover the criminal aspect of falsification illegal drug use and alcohol-related arrests in other areas foreign influence at 12% was the fifth most frequently cited security issue usually it was because of close relationships with people living in high-risk countries rounding out the top reasons for applicants being denied a security clearance drug involvement and alcohol consumption coming in at number six and seven after a do H a hearing was conducted how many of these cases resulted in a clearance denial or revocation about 63% in the past 10 years the number of clearance investigations processed at the defense industrial security clearance office has increased about 50% but the number of cases with significant derogatory information has increased by more than 500% ten years ago do H a had about 250 cases resulting in SOR compared to about 1300 in 2022 some of this is attributable to the dramatic increase in the number of cases citing foreign preference and foreign influence as issues the moral of the story if you get one of these letters you've got to be really buttoned up before you enter further proceedings I'm Todd Riker and this has been clearance jobs TV.

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